NFC Domiciliary Care Solution

Prism Enterprise Solutions Ltd has many successful years of experience in Business and are experts working in the Care Sector.

Cloud MobileWe offer a Total Solution to the Domiciliary Care and Supported Living profession which will streamline your existing office and visits processes whilst saving you valuable time.

This unique solution has been tried and tested in the Domiciliary market and has received excellent feedback with many Care Workers using it every day.

NFC Mobile

We provide you with everything you need to run your Business with cutting edge technology and train your staff with the handsets at your office at a time convenient to you. If you have no suitable room within your office we will book a room local to you to provide this day for you and your team.

We were one of the very first in the Mobile Industry to start research on using NFC for this purpose so have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this field.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a set of standards for portable devices. It allows them to establish peer-to-peer radio communications, passing data from one device to another by touching them or putting them very close together. In this case Data is passed from an individually programmed “Tag” to the Mobile Handset we provide and then on to the Office software package where it updates on a Live screen for immediate visibility.

We provide the NFC Mobile Handset with a compatible Network contract along with an exclusive purpose built Mobile Application and ECM software package.

The Mobile Handset is configured and set-up by our technical team to link directly with your ECM software solution by means of the Application.

This provides your Office Staff, Carers and Service Users with a vast array of benefits across all aspects of your business.

We also provide you with sufficient NFC programmed Tags for each Service User.

How it works:

A revolutionary paperless approach to how Care Workers complete their visits and transfer all information to and from the office

Secure and non-obtrusive unique NFC Tags are placed in your Service Users’ packs at their home.

Daily Rota’s are downloaded to each NFC Mobile Handset by each Carer before work and show all visits due that day with relevant information pertinent to these calls assigned to them by the Office.

NFC provides technology built into the Handset that activates the ECM App when hovered over the Tag that then pushes the details via secure servers back to the Office.

As each visit is made a swipe is made using the Handset across the Tag upon arrival and departure and this information is then relayed back to the office and uploaded into your ECM Software. This allocates all the required information such as Mobile number, date, time and GPS location to your system providing full visibility and accountability.

All Client details and assigned Tasks are available to view whilst in the visit and Notes can be added and sent back to the Office at the time.

Care Workers have other useful software facilities available to them on these Handsets such as Mapping to direct them from one visit to another with mileage calculations

See your care workers logging in and out of visits by using their Prism mobile handsets and get early warnings of late or missed visits.

We offer our Clients many benefits you may not expect as part of our service, these benefits include:

  • We provide Implementation and Project management
  • We provide NFC handsets as a work tool for you and your Care Workers Free of charge
  • We set up and fully program every Handset
  • We load all of your staff contact names and numbers onto your Handsets
  • We block access to various sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • We arrange a “Live Day” with you when we spend a day or longer if needed at your office
  • We provide full Training on this day to all of your Care Workers on how to use the Handset face to face
  • We provide full Training on this day to your Office Co-ordinator on both the Handsets and the Office software screens Free of charge
  • We provide your Co-ordinator with a comprehensive Handover Pack that contains all the information you will need
  • We copy all these documents in electronic format on to a PC of your choice for security
  • We work around you and your team to plan training at your convenience
  • We have a dedicated support team for both your Office Staff and Care Workers
  • We provide all our Customers with excellent Customer service and support at all times
  • We set up Online billing for your handsets and send you your bill each month
  • We provide our own Mobile Repair and Replacement service at just £3.50 monthly per handset
  • We ask your Care Workers to sign a Business Mobile Phone Policy for your security
  • We provide additional Refresher Days or Training days for new starters at any point for our Customers for a nominal fee anywhere across the UK


We have long term relationships with the network providers and connect to all the major networks

We are 1 of just 10 O2 Digital and Customer Excellence Partners across the UK