McAfee Multi Access

McAfee Multi Access is an online security app that protects all your devices, all at once.

All your devices. All your documents. Protected.

The simple monthly subscription covers up to five devices. It protects your PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones and tablets from viruses, spam, malware and identity theft. And all devices can be managed in one place with the online management console.

Key Features and Benefits 

Anti virus and spam taken care of

Anti-virus technology protects your data against malware, botnets, spyware and identity theft. The anti-spam filters block unwanted or dangerous emails, as well as unwanted numbers on your phone.

Cover up to 5 devices with 1 licence 

One virus can spread your devices if they’re connected. One McAfee Multi Access licence can keep them all safe. If any of your devices are lost or stolen, McAfee can find and lock them or wipe them clean.

Safer internet browsing

Thinking of visiting a new website? McAfee will warn you if it looks risky. It’ll block phishing sites designed to steal your personal information, and alert you if a public wifi network looks suspicious or insecure. Before you access anything.

Remember Passwords 

Complicated passwords are hard to crack, they are also hard to remember. McAfee secures them all, so you only need to remember one.

Keep your customers safe

Passing viruses on to your clients or suppliers can be a bit embarrassing. So McAfee Multi Access scans everything you send. Losing customer information can have legal consequences. But with McAfee important customer files are encrypted and locked with a password. So even if you lose your device, their details are safe.

If you are interested in finding out more about McAfee MMA simply contact us.

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